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ڣ2019-09-18  Դwww.aircargosummit.org
(Thread Forming Tapping Screws)ϵֱFƤݽzlչ, ݼyԹݽzʹÕrA@,ٌݽz,Dݼy,ԭݼyλ֮όDݼy֮g,^֮ݼyԹݽz.Hm춱Ҿп֮,ְlչ;ݼyԹݽz()¶¶ɫͼƬ ߣͼ,ҹ,ͬipվѯ֮βиҼ֮,ʹA@וr,ݽzβݽzķʽݼy.ں,^ӲȲ֮ϡ

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    (Thread Rolling Tapping Screws)Թݽz,ַQType TT(Type Tai ĿǰЌ)ϵ춳ݽz֮ԭlչ,ݼyLԹݽzOӋ֮ݼyβʹݽzڔm֮НL֮ݼy.ͬrڿ܇֮ϿԸp׵aԹݽzݼy֮g,ĥ^ݼyԹݽzС,˿ʹڸ֮,D֮Ťظÿ,ҽMᏊȸ.ݼyLԹݽz乤̘˜ʶxȳͻԹݽzڲ,̎,֮xҸ_,ʹݼyLԹݽzɞġáۼAt the same time around the hole of the material can be more easily fill tapping screw thread and the bottom of the tooth space, due to its thread forming self tapping screw friction force is small, so you can use the thicker material, rotate the required torque control, the better and higher strength after combination. Thread rolling into a self tapping screw its engineering standard definition than molding or cutting self-tapping screws in the material, heat treatment, on the strength of the definition of a higher and more clear, make the thread rolling into a self tapping screw fastener become real "structure with".

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    ()ַQTec,ڽMbԹݽz֮^,MɱA@׵Ĝʂ.Թݽzʹ,@.ҿ׏Ҳ.oA@׶ijЩԹʡɱ.@Ǽ@, , oҼI@βԹݽz.@βݽzıӲȼIJӲȱҼԹݽzҼc,@@βݽzҼ@֮I,@βݽz؞ԇ,ԜyԇݽzҎrg@ׁKݼy.¶¶ɫͼƬ ߣͼ,ҹ,ͬipվѯķNҪԹݽz֮OӋlչ^,ЃɷNݼyOӋ֮ݽz,ҼN;ߵԹݽz(ʹϻܶȲϡ

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  • pݼyOӋ,ݼy( ⏽^)иƽJݼyǞ30֮ݼyʽݼy(⏽^С)Ҽ60֮ݼy,ֻиݼyҼ.ߵݼy֮MOӋDŤ,,˽MϹѵΣUҼNڽBIǬ(Drywall)֮Mb;.,дݼyOӋ֮Թݽz؄em,弰ľ^ Combined high and low thread design reduces rotary torque, improves pull-out strength, and greatly reduces the risk of combined workpiece cracking.



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